Friday, March 17, 2017

LipSense In Stock Colors 03.25.17

HI! For those that are interested in LipSense, here are my current In Stock Colors.

I will try and update this as often as I can so you know what I have available and ready to ship to you!

For those that haven't heard of LipSense, it's an amazing long lasting lipstick that is budge proof, smudge proof and kiss proof. It is also gluten free, wax free and Vegan. Not only is it good for your lips, but it also lasts up to 18 hours!

Any questions please feel free to email me at or you can always visit my FB Group page for photos, videos and more!

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Fun Entry Bench

When we moved into our new house last year we were fortunate enough to buy a lot of new furniture... But that left us with old pieces that we needed to sell, donate or my favorite option, re-purpose!

We had this old red farmhouse Pottery Barn headboard that I couldn't part with. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it at the time, but I figured I'd come up with something. And so I did. I decided it would be the perfect bench in our entry way. A spot to hang your hat, put on or take off your shoes or set you purse down when you walk in the door. It's become our new dropping station, which to be honest is so much better than our kitchen island. When our kitchen island is full of stuff it gives me major anxiety!

Here are pics of the process. It just so happened that the queen sized headboard fit perfectly in our hallway, it was like it was meant to be there!

With the help of my awesomely handy hubby he was able to engineer the perfect bench to attached to the headboard. All it took was a few 2x4's from the hardware store. Plus items we already had, wood screws, tape measure and a screw gun.

We also bought some pre-made legs at the hardware store. They were the perfect height so we didn't have to cut them down at all.

Once it was all put together it took me a little bit of time to figure out how I was going to finish it. And to be honest, I'm not sure it's 100% done even now. I still might at something, maybe a nail head detail...but we'll see. Sometimes I have to look at something for awhile before I decide what I want to do. But for now I stained the top in a dark Walnut stain. I didn't want to have to match red paints that would be right next to each other. This stain is the same stain I used on my chalkboard frame which sits opposite this bench. So it works perfectly in the hallway. 

I did however decide to paint the bottom red. I didn't want too much stain or anything too dark. So I took several red paint chips from the hardware store and tapped them to the bench. After a few days of looking at it in different lighting I decided on the perfect red. It's a little bit brighter, and I might add a bit of the stain over the red in areas. But again, it takes me some time to figure things out. I often times do my projects in stages until I think they are perfect. 

But for now this bench is pretty perfect! It matches everything else going on in the entry, it's a perfect dropping spot for bags, shoes, hats, jackets, mail etc. It coordinates with my wood paneling on the front entry wall, and the wood frame around my chalkboard. 

I think my entry hallway might be my favorite spot in my house. It's so bright and so much fun!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Garden Tub

This has been my favorite garden project by far! I had always wanted an old claw foot tub to plant, but they are so expensive, even when they are old and rusty! My friend found this one on a Facebook exchange page and it was only $30 but we had to pick it up...I sent my brother and my husband to pick it up and bring it home, these things are big and heavy!

Once in the yard I found it's forever home and headed to the hardware store for paint. My daughter picked out the color, and as you know, I love pink so I wasn't upset with her choice at all! We also selected a gold for the feet.
The first step was to clean the tub. Since I was going to keep it outside I wasn't set on getting it super clean or removing all of the rust. I think the rust adds a little more character to it anyways.
After cleaning I put a good coat of Kilz on the underside. I wanted to help the paint go on evenly and keep the rust from coming through. 

 After the Kilz was on and dry I started with the pink. It took a few coats to get it good and covered all the way, but it is so cute bright pink!


After it was all planted it was time for planting. We headed to the nursery to pick out the perfect plants! Some Mother-in-Laws tongues, some draping succulents and some lavender to fill in.



I love unconventional items planted in a garden...what are you going to plant?


Monday, November 21, 2016

Rainbows Everywhere

Another year, another Fun and Fabulous party...
This year my daughter requested a Rainbow party. Not knowing exactly what to do with this theme, it took me some time to figure out what I was going to create. After thinking and dreaming of rainbow ideas I finally was full steam ahead with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple!

And here is how thing turned out...


As you arrived you were met with rainbows everywhere. We also had a wheelbarrow to collect canned goods. This year we decided to collect food for our local Food Pantry in lieu of gifts. With all of the canned goods collected, Savannah was able to put together 5 complete Thanksgiving Dinner boxes for local families. Such a fun activity for us to do as a family.

We also had a life size Crayon Box photo booth. Made from a piece of plywood and some extra wood lying around the garage, it made for a fun activity for the kids. It also gave us some great pictures of friends and family just being silly and having a good time.
Wreath made from Paint Chips from our local hardware store.

A life size crayon box photo booth. The kids loved this!
Lots of paint brushes in rainbow colors hung around the house.

Sweets & Treats:

We had lots of sweets; cake, suckers, chocolate covered marshmallows, cupcakes and so much more. There were sweets for everyone!

The cake, again, was amazing this year. Danielle from A Piece of Cake does such a great job. Not only does the cake look amazing, but it tastes delicious. Everyone always enjoys her yummy cakes and they couldn't look any cuter!

The chocolate 5 suckers, chocolate covered Oreos and the chocolate dipped Rice Krispy treats were fabulous. Ashley from Bubbas Sweets always makes the cutest chocolates for any theme and they are always a hit, especially since they are so yummy!
A Piece of Cake
This cake wasn't only beautiful on the outside, but it was delicious and amazingly colorful on the inside.


Simple rainbow suckers from Oriental Trading.

These Chocolates by Bubbas Sweets are amazingly delicious! I can't have a party without chocolates from Ashley!

Rainbow Jell-O Cups. Took awhile to make but were a hit by kids and adults.

We had lots of fun party favors. Each bag was filled with rainbow sunglasses, stickers, pencils, crayons and paints. We also had mini beach balls, bracelets and bubbles. Plenty of goodies to keep the kids entertained! We also hired Mister Twister Balloons, a balloon artist. He was great with the kids and kept them busy with fun balloon animals, wands and more.
Mister Twister was a HIT with the kids!


Since I added the Paint idea to the Rainbow theme, I bought smocks, paints, brushes and canvases for all of the kids to paint. They had so much fun painting pictures.


Since there was so much color going on I decided to go with Black linens and chairs. It made the colors really pop in the yard. The center pieces this year were paint cans, painted and glittered and then filled with paint brushes, painted and dipped in glitter and a matching balloon attached. I love how they turned out.


We went with a simple lunch of Sandwiches, which we named Starving Artists Sandwiches, Rainbow Fruit Skewers, Paint Chips, Van Gogh Veggie Salad and Creative Juice to drink.

A directional sign for the yard made from an old pallet.

Painted mason jars filled with coordinated flowers.

Our entry chalkboard with a Birthday Message and rainbow pom pom garland.
I can't believe another year has gone by and my little  baby is 5. Now I need to start brainstorming for  the next one...but I think I need a rest first! Everyone had a blast and as always we enjoy having everyone over for an afternoon filled with fun and colorful surprises.


Photography - Galexo's Photography
Cake - A Piece of Cake
Chocolates (Chocolate covered Oreos, Chocolate Suckers, Chocolate dipped Rice Krispy) - Bubbas Sweets
Party Favors (Paints, Stickers, sunglasses, balls, bracelets) - Oriental Trading
Balloon Artist - Mister Twister Balloons
Rainbow Tutu - Chantes Creations

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