Friday, February 17, 2012


For my birthday this year my mom took me to a scrapbook class at Oh Scrap in Costa Mesa, a fabulous store! I didn't know what we would be making since my mom couldn't explain it to me...but I was thrilled when we arrived. Not only were we making a really cute photo wreath but we were also the only 2 people in the class!

To make the photo wreath you place different sized canvases in a wreath arrangement. Once you have your frame, secure each one with a staple gun from behind. With the base structure complete the fun begins!

We laughed when the instructor told us about a previous class when one student stayed all day to work on their project - indecisive and wanting to complete their project they were there from sun up to sun down. We laughed...but soon looked at the clock only to realized that we had been working on our wreaths for over 4 hours!

We pulled every product in the store it seemed. Trying different ribbons, letters, papers, rhinestones etc.

After our hours of fun and laughter we finally finished our wreaths. My mom made a neutral one perfect for her house and family photos. I made mine to match my daughters (unborn at the time) nursery. Now that "S" is here I've started to add pictures of her to the wreath brining life and smiles to her room!

Next time you're at your local scrapbook store or craft store pick up a few canvases and get creative making your own wreath to capture your memories!

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