Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring is just around the corner!

With Spring just around the corner, do you need to spruce up your garden or patio? I have the perfect idea , a pot tower!

Items needed: 

6 pots in graduated sizes (make sure they have the drainage hole at the bottom)
Spray paint (or you can purchase pots already painted)
1 piece of rebar approximately 4 feet tall  
1 bag of quick dry cement 


First thing you need to do is decorate your pots. I painted mine with the spray paint and added polk-a-dots and a damask stencil. I also added labels listing herbs. To do that I wrote the name of the herb on scrapbook paper and then glued it to the pot by painting on a layer of mod podge over the entire pot. 

Once your pots are decorated to your liking the assembly can begin. First take your biggest pot and plug the hole at the bottom. Then make your cement per the package directions and fill 1/4 of the pot with the cement. While the cement. While wet set your piece of rebar and hold in place until the cement begins to set.  Continue to let dry until the cement is completely hardened. 

Time to plant - fill the bottom pot with your potting soil. Take the next smallest pot and slide the pot down the rebar pole through the drainage hole. Tip the pot to the side and set in the potting soil. You will have room around the pot to plant your herbs or flowers. Continue this process of filling the pot wiht potting soil and placing the next smaller pot on the rebar pole tipped at the opposite angle. The pots will rest against each other. Continue until done. 

Be sure to water gently as the soil will run out if watered to hard. I water mine with the mist setting on the hose. Works great. 

Your pot tower will brighten up your patio and will definitely be a conversation starter at your next BBQ! 

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