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The Story of Fast Eddie by Liz Carr

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This is the story of how a little, white, furry ball of love came into our life. How we saved him and he saved us …and so the story goes…

 I can’t wait until the cool fall evenings and college football begins. I confess, I love college football. My husband, Jim, and I have spent many a Saturday afternoons and evenings watching football outside on our medialifTV. There is just something about being outside for me relaxing, having lunch or dinner, a beer or glass of wine. Everything seems better for me when I’m outside.

 Most weekends you can catch us watching the games outside with family and friends on our medialifTV and this particular Saturday night in October was no different. Our daughter, son-in-law and friends joined us for the SC game. We enjoyed the game outside with the usual food and drink. As I began to clean up the outdoor area, our son-in-law, Jon, walked friends out to their car. All of a sudden, a white fur ball ran to Jon’s feet. It was around 9:30 at night, coyotes are around-not safe for small critters- so Jon brought this tiny, dirty, stinky, little puppy inside. I told Jim we’ll just have to keep the puppy overnight and try to fmd his owners in the morning. Jim, knowing I wasn’t going to take no for an answer, reluctantly agreed.

We got down a puppy crate we had in the garage, dusted it off and brought it in the house. I tried to give this little guy some water, some our own dog’s food and he seemed hungry but had difficulty eating. I spoon fed him a small amount of water and food, at least enough to get him through the night.

Sunday morning, I decided he needed a bath after spoon feeding him breakfast and was horrified by how thin he was. All that fur was deceiving. He must have been on the lam for days, maybe weeks, but he was so cute he must belong to someone I thought. Someone must be heartbroken that this little guy was missing or were they? .. I still couldn’t figure out why he could not eat or open his mouth. We made some calls, put out a couple of fliers with no response. And the thought of taking him to the shelter was not an option for me.

Sunday afternoon, we were watching our medialifTV with one eye on our new little buddy. We have an 80 pound golden retriever who is always nearby. I watched our furry guy go down our side yard, my husband said he saw him in the back of our yard and I suddenly got this sick feeling – he was so skinny he could fit through the wrought iron fencing and sure enough he had and was gone. It sounds funny, but we had become attached to our new little friend. I had always wanted a second dog but we kept putting it off mainly because of our elderly golden retriever whom we adore. So in the car we went, searching for this little cotton ball on legs. He was so quick, so tiny, how would we ever find him? After about an hour of searching, we came home empty handed and the concluded that he had been on the run for so long that was all he knew. He had to be quick how else could he survive hawks, coyotes and the like.

My husband and I sat outside reminiscing about the puppy that we almost had when we heard a little yelp from the back of our yard. Sure enough, our little friend came back into our yard and hearts. Yeah! He was back and Jim was off to Home Depot to get fencing to keep our little guy safely in the yard.

We decided I should take our new little buddy to our vet on Monday – maybe he had a chip -we could locate his owners that way. The vet squeezed our new found friend into her morning appointments. Our vet took one look at his muzzle and was horrified. Our little guy had a hair band around his muzzle. It had been there long enough to become embedded into his skin. He was literally starving to death. No wonder he couldn’t eat and could barely drink. No wonder he was so emaciated. Who does this to a puppy? The only remedy was to surgically remove the band with a two week recovery.

So much for looking for the owner – we became the family for our new little guy and we named Fast Eddie. So Fast Eddie joined our family. Our golden retriever has been ever so patient and it’s put a perk back in her step and she has an energized playmate all the time… Fast Eddie is now chipped, tagged and fenced into our yard and hearts forever.

So now, if I’m out running errands, Jim can watch our medialiITV with one dog as his feet and Fast Eddie in his lap.

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