Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easy Easter Projects

Project 1: Bunny Food

Take a mason jar and fill it with good snacks. Pastel Eater colored M&Ms, pretzels, nuts etc. We also found, at Target, these fun bunny shaped cheese crackers to add (pictured below). It was the perfect touch!
A great gifts for kids, neighbors, teachers or a hostess gift for your Easter celebration. 

Project 2: Easter Decor with Candy

This is so cute and easy! To do this Mama L took mason jars and glued them to glass candle sticks to create these really cute display jars. They could be used for candles, flowers, etc. We filled them with a little green grass basket filler and set Easter candy and a chocolate bunny on top. We also used an apothecary jar to house the big bunny.

Tie jars with ribbon and set on the table for Easter or leave out on your kitchen counter for a touch of Easter whimsy.

Project 3: Easter Blocks

Mama L makes these blocks for almost every holiday! Cut a 2 x 4 into blocks, spray paint with desired color, decorate with scrapbook paper, buttons, rhinestones, etc. Pick up letters at the scrapbook store to spell out holiday words.

Here are our Easter blocks set up on the dinning room table.

Check back because we have more Easter fun coming soon!

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