Sunday, March 25, 2012

The oc mart MIX - LOVE IT!

Last Friday I was up at 4am to feed my 3 month old daughter and unfortunately I was unable to go back to sleep. I grabbed the baby monitor and stumbled downstairs to lay on the couch; I didn't want to wake up my husband and the dog with my restless moving. 

While I curled up on the couch with a blanket I turned on the channel 5 news. They were doing a segment on a new gelato place in Orange County, Costa Mesa to be exact. I'm currently on maternity leave so every day is a new adventure for me, my little girl and most of the time Grandma joins us. The new gelato place was giving away free scoops from 12-4pm. As soon as it was late enough to call my mom, around 8am, I called to see what she had planned for the day. After her morning tasks she was free to join us on our outing. 

I looked up the location of the gelato place to find that it was in the SOCO shopping center off of the 405 in Costa Mesa. I've been to this shopping center before, it's where TPT Home is located, but I couldn't picture where this place was. 
We arrived and were pleasantly surprised. The oc mart MIX is FANTASTIC! It's one large retail space that has been built out to accommodate numerous small boutiques. There is a spice shop, specialty clothing stores, jewelry shops, baby stores, a coffee shop, a cheese shop, there is even a Fashion Camp for kids called Fashion Camp OC. But most importantly, and the reason we went there, N'ice Cream; organic gelato made fresh every morning. For my free scoop I tried the Salted Caramel and it was out of this world! Today I happened to go back with my husband, who is a gelato snob, and we tried the Stracciatella and Biscotti, they were both FAB! For more info:

My free scoop of Salted Caramel gelato

They look so rich and creamy!
Stracciatella (white) & Biscotti (brown) = YUM!

Check out the website for the oc mart MIX for more info - they have new shops still going in! I will definitely be back and you should check it out too! 

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