Monday, March 5, 2012

Old Town Orange

We love Old Town Orange! The family restaurants, antique shops and old town charm make this such a cute neighborhood. I really wish we could buy a house there to raise our family, but since we can't live there (for now) we were at least able to get married there! 

They have the most beautiful Lutheran Church, St. John's, that rings its bells at noon every day and is picturesque for a wedding. I just love to drive by whenever we're nearby. 

Friday afternoon my mom and I took S to Old Orange in search of an old night stand for a project (soon to be posted). We were hungry when we got there so we stopped for a quick lunch at Kimmie's Coffee Cup, It was our first time eating there and it was delicious. We both had the 1/2 sandwich and soup combo. The soup was a Cheddar Broccoli and I had the 1/2 of Chicken Salad Sandwich and my mom had the Egg Salad - they were both fantastic! The funny thing about our lunch is that it was so windy down there on Friday, but with a fussing baby we thought it would be best to eat outside. I hate the moms who have crying babies in restaurants, I refuse to be one of those. 

So we sat on the patio, fighting the wind and the table cloth that was blowing all over us. We eventually got over they way our hair looked and just let it go - there was no controlling it in this wind. It was a quick lunch as we needed to get the baby in the stroller and walking in order to get her to take her morning nap. 

After lunch we started exploring the antique shops. There are so many in Old Orange, all different and all with it's own style and smell. One of our favorites is Country Roads. They have lots of great stuff inside but they also have a fantastic garden in the back with all sorts of treasures.

 After a little antique hunting it was time for an afternoon sweet so we decided to split a cupcake at the adorable cupcake shop, The Perfect Circle Cupcakery.
They were a winner on the Food Networks Cupcake Wars in 2011, and boy are their cupcakes delicious. We split a Snickerdoodle which had a vanilla cinnamon cake and a cinnamon sugar butter cream frosting. We also bought cupcakes to take home to the husbands. I bought J the Banana Bomb, which was amazing! Mama L bought my dad some chocolaty chocolate cupcake.

 After our sweet splurge we walked around a little more before heading home. It was a fantastic mother, daughter, granddaughter afternoon!


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Country Roads!!! It's such a fun store to shop in. I could spend hours in there just making lists of all the fun projects I want to start. Ideas aren't the problem for me, its the time to complete them that is the problem;) I do need to carve out so time to visit CR soon!!!



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