Thursday, March 29, 2012

Year Round JOY

JOY isn't just for Christmas anymore.  JOY should be year round - a reminder to have joy in your life everyday - no matter the size - a beautiful day, blue skies, sunshine,
spending time with the ones you love - all the blessings in life - yeah!!!!!

We love things with writing on it - papers, fabrics, ribbons - While doing the JOY project, I discovered a new, beautiful ribbon collection at Michaels and thought it was the perfect addition to our JOY project.  

The ribbon has writing  on it in black, creams, one with butterflies on it and they are beautiful - a bit pricey but really, really pretty.  So, I printed out a coupon from their website for 40% off and Michael's now takes coupons from Smartphones so it takes a bite out of the $9.99 price tag for 3 yards - but it's soooo pretty.    

Check them out "Celebrate It by Luxe".

Joy Project Supplies: 

3 Wooden Candle Sticks
3 Blocks of wood (2x6) cut into squares
3 Wooden Spindles for the top
Letters from the scrapbook store 
Spray paint
Wood Glue 
Metal brads
Attach burlap to wood blocks with metal brads.
Glue letters onto burlap with the glue gun.
Decorate letters with paper, rhinestones or anything else you like.
Tie ribbons to the top and you're done! 

Ribbon line at Michael's - Beautiful! 

by: Mama L


  1. Beautiful! Could you tell me where you found the wooden candlesticks--and how tall they are? Thanks!

  2. The wooden candlesticks are from the Michaels Craft Store, but can also be found at Joanns or Hobby Lobby. They range in sizes, the ones shown are roughly 5", 7" and 9.5".
    Thank you for your comment, I hope your project turns out great!


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