Sunday, April 15, 2012

Food for your Pets

Trojan, our 6 year old Chiweenie

If any of you are in the Irvine area and are in need of an AMAZING groomer please call Anni (contact info below). Trojan, our Chiweenie is a bit temperamental, to say the least, and he hates going to the groomers. So, through recommendations I found Anni. She runs her grooming service out of the back room at her house. Trojan's first visit was early in the morning, she wanted to see him after a good nights sleep. We arrived to her place where she had soft music playing and she got on the floor to meet Trojan. He was shaking like crazy...but by the time I left he was calm and in her arms with his tail wagging! She also sent me a text of the above picture - he was a happy camper getting his bath and hair cut! 

Just the other day I received a great email from Anni and I thought I'd share it with everyone, since I know there are lots of dog lovers out there like us...healthy foods for our dogs. 

Hello friends,

If you or your vet has decided that your pup could lose a few pounds, finding healthier options than some of the meat based treats doesn’t have to be difficult. Since we are all looking for ways to save money, making your own dog treats can be cheaper than buying them. There are plenty of recipes for baking dog cookies but if you’re not a baker , why not look to buying some produce that you can chop up and share with your canine buddy?
Remember: always cut up the fruits and vegetables and give small amounts. When introducing a new food group into your dog’s diet, do it slowly, one new treat at a time, and let their body adjust to the changes. This cuts down on the chances of your dog having an upset belly.
Here’s some fruits and vegetables that can be used as treats and rewards:
1: Apples (cut up and do not let your dog eat the seeds)
2: Apricots
3: Bananas
4: Mangoes
5: Pears
6: Pineapple
7: Blueberries
8: Strawberries
9: Raspberries
10: Broccoli
11: Lettuce
12: Beets
13: Carrots
14: Cabbage
15: Zucchini
Keep in mind, some of these fruits and vegetables may produce gas in your dog such as broccoli. Try feeding the stems of broccoli instead of the florets to reduce the chance of a gassy pup. All these treats are low fat, have no artificial flavoring, and provide extra nutrition in addition to their regular meals.
I hope you and your dog will find a treat for you both to share, like I do with  Pasha and Boca, we love carrots!
Pair up healthy treats with exercise and  your dog will be slim, trim, happy and strong!
Have a great weekend!!

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