Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ladybug Party

It's been way too long since my last post! So much has gone on...and one milestone was my daughters 1st Birthday.

Baby S was born on Christmas Day 2011 and not only was it a special day for her but also for Mommy & Daddy! S is our pride and joy and such an amazing little girl, full of smiles and giggles and already almost 1 year old. Time is going by way too fast!

As you may already know, I love to plan parties, and of course I went a little wild with this one. Since we call her our little Bug, I decided on a Ladybug Themed Party. From head to toe there was red, black and polk-a-dots and even live ladybugs flying around.

Although there was a threat of rain on the day of her party, someone was watching over us and kept the rain away. The day was perfect, everyone had a great time, the baby loved seeing all of her family and friends and of course her first taste of frosting!

Below are some pictures of the party. I hope this gives you ideas and inspiration for your next party.

The Birthday Girl enjoying her 1st Cupcake

The Cake Table

Ladybug Cake and Cupcakes by Heidelberg Pastry Shop
Party Favors - baby food jars with painted lids and tule ribbons filled with candy.

The Tables - wrapped in brown paper for kids to color on with crayons. Ornaments to decorate, and party favors.

The Birthday Girl with a sign made by Mommy to list her favorite things and milestones of her first year.

Balloons put in the ground with golf tees to line the party.

Party Shoes - Converse with rhinestones glued to the toes, and bows made with ribbons and feathers. So Cute!

Lastly, after the party was over we walked over to the Railroad Station to take the night train to see Santa. It was Baby S's first time to see Santa, and it wasn't the best experience for her. Next time we'll take her just after a nap!

The Christmas Train at Irvine Park is so cute and full of lights and holiday music!

The end to a very long day. Better luck next time!
Happy 1st Birthday to my little love bug S. Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!


  1. Hi. I would like to ask what kind of paint did you use to make the ladybug with the baby food jars?

  2. Hi. The lids were painted with a Country Red satin spray paint (painting only the tops and the sides). The black and white paint is an acrylic craft paint. Hope that helps! Thank you.

    1. Yes! Thank you very much :) This helps a lot :)

    2. Sorry. One more question... how did you paint on the black and make the white circles so perfect?

    3. Hi. The black and white are definitely not perfect. The black I did freehand with a small paint brushes. I used one with a flat edge to do the half circle and I used a thin brush to do the line down the middle. The white was done with the end of a brush, dip it in white paint and then push onto the lid for even dots. Hope that helps.


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