Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Savannah's Rodeo

If you're not a big fan of a creative and crafty, Pinterest loving mom then prepare yourself to stop...but before you do know that these parties are not planned for me to climb any top mom ladder. They are for creating memories for our precious little girl that we thought we'd never have, and for our friends and family to enjoy in the fun and uber celebration!

Like it or not it's in my blood! If there is anyone to blame it sure isn't Pinterest, it's my amazing Mama L, aka Nana. She's been crafting and hosting dinner parties for as long as I can remember. She's the most creative person I know and I sure as heck couldn't put on these fun parties without my partner in crime.

Below are a few pictures from Little S' 2nd Birthday Party. Everyone had so much fun!

Dessert Table of fun sweets, chocolates, marshmallows and popcorn.

Amazing cake by Great Dane Bakery - Los Alamitos, CA

A fun directional sign made with love by Papa and Nana

Party Favors - Milk Cartons from Wendys Printable Party
Tags from Just A Little Sparkle
Filled with Jolly Ranchers and bubbles for the kids.
Adult beverages at the Saloon
Kids and non-alcoholic drinks at the Watering Hole
OK, so I was determined to make stick ponies for this party. I had searched for them and found that they were too expensive to by 40, yes 40, of them. So I decided it would be a great idea to make them. Thank goodness for my mom who was willing to spend hours with me putting these things together. The socks were from the Dollar Store, the eyes, hair, ribbons and stuffing came from Hobby Lobby and JoAnns and the wood sticks were cut and sanded from scrap wood at Papa's office. The kids loved them and it made my day to see them paying with them. It was even better to get texts and pics from friends days after the party of their kids playing with their ponies at home! So worth the work!

Chocolates from Bubba's Sweets

Chex Mix as Chicken Feed
Licorice as Lasso Ropes

Catering by Bomb Diggity Dogs - Delicious!

Mini Oreos as Tractor Wheels
Pretzels as Hay Sticks

Birthday Sign form Pickle Noodle Boutique  
Our little Family
Me and Nana (My Partner in crime)

 The Birthday Girl
I hope you have enjoyed this party as much as we did! Everyone had a blast...and now it's on to planning party #3. I might give myself a few months off before the next one, but it will all start again soon!


Birthday Poster - PickleNoodleBoutique.Etsy.com
Chocolates - BubbasSweets.Etsy.com
Invitations/Printables - JustALittleSparkle.Etsy.com
Milk Cartons - WendysPrintableParty.Etsy.com
Tutu on Overalls - www.HaloHeaven.com
Cake - www.GreatDaneBakingCompany.com
Kids Hats/Sheriffs Badges - Oriental Trading Company
Catering - www.bombdiggitydogs.com
Party Location - Zoomars Petting Zoo
Photographer - Jenny Loya www.jennerrose.com

Other helpful places to look for party décor:
Other Décor item (Baskets/cow/pig/WANTED frame) - Home Goods
Cowboy Boots - Garage Sales/Antique Markets
Papers/Felts/Hay/Ribbons - Hobby Lobby


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

POP Rocks!

Mama L found a super cute gift idea for those Dads, Grandpas or any Father figure in your life.

Supplies Needed:
Bucket or Flower Pot
Tootsie Roll Pops
Sugar Daddy's
Tissue Paper
Foam Ball
Pop Rocks

1. Take your foam ball and cut it in half
2. Place the 1/2 ball in the pot/bucket
3. Cut out squares approx 2" x 2" of tissue paper
3. Poke a sucker through the center of a piece of tissue paper and into the foam ball. Continue until the ball is full of candy
4. Using one of those florist card holders stick in your package of Pop Rocks

Mama L made these for Papa J, Grandpa, my brother and even my hubby. She was in Pop Rocks production for a few days.

I know the guys will love them! What are you going to make for your guys?

Found on Pinterest

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Free to Fab

I know, I know, we've been on such a garden fix lately, but it's that time of year! Roses are in bloom and chickens are hatching.

I do have a few new recipes that I'll be posting soon - but until then here is another fun garden idea.

My parents were driving through their neighborhood on trash day and stumbled upon someones old swinging bench that was put on the curb for pick up. They stopped and hauled it into the back of the truck knowing that they could do something cute with it.

And here it is...

Mama L painted it red and bought some chain. Papa J hung it on the fence and it now is used as a cute potting table to display plants.

What free to fab ideas do you have? 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Refurbished Chair

An old chair refurbished into a garden gem!

Mama L found an old chair and thought, What can I do with this thing?

Well. here it is. First she painted it a cream color and gave it an aged wash with a dark brown paint. She then wrote a few really cute sayings on the seat back slats, painted some ivy, attached a cute painted birdhouse and planted the seat in moss.

It adds a little English Cottage feel to the garden.

What can you do with an old chair? 


Friday, May 31, 2013

Dress up your Garden Fence

Do you have an boring fence in your back yard? Here are a few fun ways to dress it up.

1. This chair was an antique mart find. It was just hung on the fence with some screws and a potted plant now sits comfortably. 

2. These are super cute. A dragonfly made from items at your local hardware store. All you need is a decorative post (table leg), metal mesh and some wire. You will need some metal cutters to cut the mesh and a few screws to help attach the mesh to the post. But be creative, everyone will look a little different and add some character to your garden.

3. You can also hang pots. These are the coolest pot hangers. They are hard to find in stores but you can buy them online at: http://www.hangapot.com/home/

Thanks Mama L for your Garden Inspiration!

How are you going to dress up your garden?


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baking in the Garden?

While sitting at my parents patio table over the weekend I noticed Mama L had a new planter on the table. After taking a closer look, it was an Angel Food Baking Pan - the umbrella post went right through the middle. 

So clever and made for an adorable patio table centerpiece.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Patriotic Decor Ideas

With Memorial Day having just passed and the 4th of July right around the corner, I thought I'd share a couple cute Patriotic decor ideas for your next Red, White and Blue event.

Simple, yet festive, Mama L set the table with these adorable Red, White and Blue napkins. On top she placed mason jars with our silverware wrapped in Red or Blue handkerchiefs. The table looked so cute! 

Mama L also had the cutest wreath on the door. She took a Styrofoam wreath form and ribbons. All she did was wrap strips of the ribbon around the form and tie in knots. To hang she tied a piece of white tulle. She used a combo of solid colored ribbons as well as stripped and polka-dot.

What Red, White and Blue ideas do you plan on trying?


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teacher Gifts

The school year is quickly coming to an end, and those teachers deserve a farewell gift!

I've seen a bunch of really cute ideas on Pinterest for Teacher Gifts, so I decided to combine a few of them into one.

My daughter has 7 Teachers in her Infant/Toddler class so I had to do something economical,  but also cute!

So here is what I did.

Container (I found these cute tin cups in the $1 bins at Target)
Bag of Shred or Tissue Paper
Chocolate Bars
Graham Crackers
Starbucks Card
Cellophane & Ribbon
Note Cards
Decorative Stickers (for the card - optional)

For the Note Card:
"We need 'SMORE great Teachers like you! Thanks a latte"

What are you going to give your teacher?

Smore - found on www.mycrazyblessedlife.com
Latte - found on www.eighteen25.blogspot.com

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Project #2 - Hopscotch

Hopscotch Stones
The steps leading to our patio

Did you love Hopscotch at a little kid? I know I did. I used to jump around all the time, from brick to brick and number to number.

Again, searching through Pinterest, I saw this great idea...how about making concrete squares into Hopscotch stepping stones.

We have a small area next to our patio that we walk through the dirt all the time. Stepping stones are the perfect solution there. And this was a cheap and creative way to make colorful, fun stepping stones.

The trickiest part of this project is the numbers. You can either paint the stones first in a solid color, then once dry you can paint the numbers on with white paint. I decided to go a different route. I purchased sticker paper at my local office supply store. I drew my numbers and cut them out.

The first thing I did was paint the top of the stones in white. I then peeled off the back of my sticker paper and put the numbers down on the stones. I then went hog wild spraying the stones in bight primary colors. Once the color was one I peeled up the numbers to find my perfect painted white numbers.

Concrete Pavers (however many numbers you want)
White Spray Paint for the base (the color of the numbers)
Spray Paint for the colors of the stones you want
Sticker Paper (8.5 x 11 - create your own labels: found at Staples)


1. Spray the tops of each steps in white
2. Draw and cut out your numbers on the sticker paper
3. Peel and stick the numbers onto the stones
4. Paint the tops and sides of each stone in the colors you want
5. Peel the stickers off and let dry

So fun and cute.


Idea from Pinterest sphotos-h.ak.fbcdn.net

Weekend Project #1 - Chalkboard & Magnets in One

Little Miss S is growing rapidly, too much for my liking. So I was trying to think of things that would help her grow and learn. I was searching on Pinterest, I know shocking right, and I came across a magnet board made from an auto drip pan. Great idea... But then I was thinking a chalkboard her size would be great too... so I combined the 2 ideas.

I purchased a $9.99 auto oil drip pan from my local auto supply store. Of course you have to clean it and degrease it first. Once done you just start painting it with chalkboard paint. It takes a few extra layers on the metal and make sure you let it dry for several hours in between coats.

But it worked! The magnets stick really well and you can draw all over it with chalk.

Little Miss S woke up from her nap on Saturday and the first place she wanted to go was outside, as always, and once out the door she headed straight to her new magnet/chalkboard. No explanation necessary, the magnets were soon all over our patio!


1 Auto Oil Drip Pan
1 Can Chalkboard paint
1 Paint roller
Chalk & Eraser
Screws and screw gun to attach the metal board to our outdoor fence

I also added a small hook to the right of the board so I can hang a bucket to keep the chalk and the eraser handy.


Idea from Pinterest Magnet board -  www.nicandkate09.blogspot.com

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What a Cute Table!

So Grammy L showed up to visit yesterday and with her she brought the cutest table she made for S.

This table was new, but it's a great way to clean up an old kids picnic table.


1 Picnic table - Old or New
1 can Spray paint - any color you like
2-3 yards Oil Cloth fabric (they come in such cute colors and patterns)
2-3 yards Ric Rac trim or any other type of decorative trim
Staple Gun
Glue Gun

1. First you want to clean the table if it is old or just wipe it down if it's new
2. Spray paint the table your color of choice. You can do it all one color, or you can tape it off and paint it 2 colors like the one shown
3. Once dry you can cut your fabric to the right measurements to wrap around both seats and the table
4. Attach the oil cloth with the staple gun to the plastic - you might need to put a little extra umph in it but it will work. You can touch up any loose edges with the glue gun
5. Glue on the ric rac to cover up the staple marks and add a cute decorative touch

This table is now ready for messy hands and projects. Hose down to clean and it's ready to go again.

Idea from Pinterest - www.caroline-frei.blogspot.com

A Thoughtful Gift

I know I'm a little late to post this one, but it can really be a gift for any occasion, not just Mother's Day.

It's not exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but I do think it turned out pretty cute. My mom  LOVED it at least!

All I did was take a wreath form from my local craft store. I added some flowers and a bow and I printed black and white prints of all of her kids and Grand kids. I hole punched the photos and tied them to the wreath with cute ribbons. I also added the banner which I found at Hobby Lobby. The banner was pre-cut and ready to go and the letters were scrapbook stickers.

That was it - could it get any easier?!?


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Perfect Homemade Gift

I was browsing through Pinterest one night (as I do every night after the baby goes to bed, lunches are packed, kitchen is cleaned, laundry is done, house is tidy...and it's time to relax, YES I find Pinterest relaxing.) What I came across was the best idea for my mom for her Birthday. But this would also be a great Mother's Day gift for a Grandma!

1 Terra Cotta Pot
1 Can of Spray Paint (Any color any finish, I used a Satin Red)
1 Bottle of Mod Podge (Found at your local craft store)
Black and White photos (You can print on paper or use regular photos)
Paint Brush

How To:
1. Spray Paint your pot and let it dry - simple enough
2. With your paint brush, brush a layer of Mod Podge on a section of the pot
3. Place your picture on top of the Mod Podge while wet. Try and smooth out any air pockets or lumps
4. Brush a generous layer of Mod Podge on top of the photo you just put down
5. Continue around the pot
6. Once you have placed all of your pictures paint the uncovered areas of your pot with the Mod Podge for protection. It will also give your whole pot the same glossy finish. Let the pot dry for a few days to really set.
7. Once dry attach the ribbon around the brim of the pot with a little hot glue.

Now was that really hard?!? You can do this one I promise!

Moms and Grandmas will love this one.


Idea found on Pinterest at thriftytiff.com

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Great Garage Sale Find

Looking for a fun and inexpensive project?

Check out your local garage sale or antique mart for items to re purpose. Grandma and Grandpa were recently out for a Sunday morning walk when they stumbled across a garage sale. After searching through the piles of kids toys and old clothes they decided to buy little S a truck. Yes, a little boys truck. But for $7 and a little TLC, Grandma knew she could make is something special.

With some inspiration from Pinterest and an expert sewing hand, this is what little S showed up to this morning when I dropped her off at Grammy and Papa's house.

Needless to say she's in love with it. She climbs in and out and in and out again. She pushes it down the driveway and laughs that sweet baby giggle.

With a little TLC and Less than $20 you can take something old and recreate it into a work of art that a little one will enjoy and remember for a lifetime!

What's your next project?

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