Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Perfect Homemade Gift

I was browsing through Pinterest one night (as I do every night after the baby goes to bed, lunches are packed, kitchen is cleaned, laundry is done, house is tidy...and it's time to relax, YES I find Pinterest relaxing.) What I came across was the best idea for my mom for her Birthday. But this would also be a great Mother's Day gift for a Grandma!

1 Terra Cotta Pot
1 Can of Spray Paint (Any color any finish, I used a Satin Red)
1 Bottle of Mod Podge (Found at your local craft store)
Black and White photos (You can print on paper or use regular photos)
Paint Brush

How To:
1. Spray Paint your pot and let it dry - simple enough
2. With your paint brush, brush a layer of Mod Podge on a section of the pot
3. Place your picture on top of the Mod Podge while wet. Try and smooth out any air pockets or lumps
4. Brush a generous layer of Mod Podge on top of the photo you just put down
5. Continue around the pot
6. Once you have placed all of your pictures paint the uncovered areas of your pot with the Mod Podge for protection. It will also give your whole pot the same glossy finish. Let the pot dry for a few days to really set.
7. Once dry attach the ribbon around the brim of the pot with a little hot glue.

Now was that really hard?!? You can do this one I promise!

Moms and Grandmas will love this one.


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