Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Project #1 - Chalkboard & Magnets in One

Little Miss S is growing rapidly, too much for my liking. So I was trying to think of things that would help her grow and learn. I was searching on Pinterest, I know shocking right, and I came across a magnet board made from an auto drip pan. Great idea... But then I was thinking a chalkboard her size would be great too... so I combined the 2 ideas.

I purchased a $9.99 auto oil drip pan from my local auto supply store. Of course you have to clean it and degrease it first. Once done you just start painting it with chalkboard paint. It takes a few extra layers on the metal and make sure you let it dry for several hours in between coats.

But it worked! The magnets stick really well and you can draw all over it with chalk.

Little Miss S woke up from her nap on Saturday and the first place she wanted to go was outside, as always, and once out the door she headed straight to her new magnet/chalkboard. No explanation necessary, the magnets were soon all over our patio!


1 Auto Oil Drip Pan
1 Can Chalkboard paint
1 Paint roller
Chalk & Eraser
Screws and screw gun to attach the metal board to our outdoor fence

I also added a small hook to the right of the board so I can hang a bucket to keep the chalk and the eraser handy.


Idea from Pinterest Magnet board -

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