Thursday, May 16, 2013

What a Cute Table!

So Grammy L showed up to visit yesterday and with her she brought the cutest table she made for S.

This table was new, but it's a great way to clean up an old kids picnic table.


1 Picnic table - Old or New
1 can Spray paint - any color you like
2-3 yards Oil Cloth fabric (they come in such cute colors and patterns)
2-3 yards Ric Rac trim or any other type of decorative trim
Staple Gun
Glue Gun

1. First you want to clean the table if it is old or just wipe it down if it's new
2. Spray paint the table your color of choice. You can do it all one color, or you can tape it off and paint it 2 colors like the one shown
3. Once dry you can cut your fabric to the right measurements to wrap around both seats and the table
4. Attach the oil cloth with the staple gun to the plastic - you might need to put a little extra umph in it but it will work. You can touch up any loose edges with the glue gun
5. Glue on the ric rac to cover up the staple marks and add a cute decorative touch

This table is now ready for messy hands and projects. Hose down to clean and it's ready to go again.

Idea from Pinterest -

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  1. I just bought this exact table of craigslist with the intention to do something like this! I hope to get it done this weekend :-)


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