Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our little Princess is turning 3!

What a year it has been...

We started on this years birthday party back in March, and spent the year dreaming up ideas, creating lots of fun props and of course buying everything on sale! Luckily we started early as this year brought us a lot to do - selling a house, moving, buying a new house etc. Had we not started early this party never would have happened...and without the love and support of my parents (Nana & Fapa) this party never would have come to life. Thank you for being just as crazy as me!!

My daughter is so into Cinderella aka Lala, so we decided to plan her birthday around her favorite Princess. At first I wasn't excited about the pale blue and pastel pink colors typically used for a Cinderella themed party, especially since I LOVE COLOR! So it took some time to come up with the vision and color theme.

We ended up showcasing both parts of Cinderella's life, the "Before the Ball" as well as the "After the Ball." With this in mind we were able to incorporate burlap, orange, and the rustic side of Cinderella being a housemaid. We then glammed it up for the other décor and used bright pinks and blues and tied the whole thing together with glitter and gold!

Check out the photos courtesy of the most amazing photographer - Jenny from Jenner Rose Photography. Contact info for Jenny and all other vendors listed at the bottom.

A chalkboard sign Welcoming and Directing guests to the party. (Chalkboard found on sale at Hobby Lobby)
A directional sign showing guests a bit about Cinderella "Before the Ball" and "After the Ball." (Directional sign made by Fapa and towers created from cardboard concrete forms from Home Depot, moving boxes as the base, poster board for the tops covered in tissue paper and painted to look like brick and stone)

"Before the Ball" food table. Lots of burlap, rustic buckets, pumpkins, tin plates etc. (Once Upon a Time and Clock made from core board, wood letters, paper numbers cut out with the Cricut)

The drink station made from an old ladder and fence boards. (Paper flowers made from old Trader Joes bags and paint, frames are plastic Ikea frames painted)

Sewing items for the mice and birds to make Lala's dress. (Sewing items from Hobby Lobby)

Fruit Wands loved by all!
The kids table - lined with gold painted cans filled with roses, swords for the boys and purses for the girls. (Chevron table runner from The Paper Source)
Party favors for a Prince. Boxes filled with bubbles, snacks and candy. (Boxes are a printable from Paper Art by MC)

Party favors for a Princess. Filled with bubbles, snacks and candy, crowns were also loved by the girls. (Bags from Hobby Lobby, Nana sewed on the tulle and sequin trim, crowns from Oriental Trading and tags were part of the printable invitation package from Paper Zoo Printables)
Lace crowns lined the tables. Made with lace, fabric stiffener, paint and glue.
There were also wands for the girls. Simple wands dressed up with ribbons and tulle. (Wands from Oriental Trading Company, added ribbons and tulle from Hobby Lobby)  
Centerpieces - a real pumpkin painted in gold and glitter, adorned with rhinestones and flowers. Tied to the stems were tissue paper garlands held up by 36" pink and blue balloons. (see picture below)
The dessert table. Chocolates, marshmallows, cake and more.
An amazing dress sewn by Nana. (Dress form found at our local antique market that happens once a month)
Ice Cream cones dipped in chocolate and sprinkles - so simple and so delish!
This has become a staple at all parties, marshmallows dipped in chocolate and colored sprinkles. This can be done for any theme, any color and any design of a party.
Another staple - Chocolate covered Oreos. (Bubba's Sweets)
Chocolate covered pretzel sticks. (Bubba's Sweets) 
Chocolate suckers - 3's and pink castles. (Bubba's Sweets) 
Princess candy bracelets with a crown charm. (Oriental Trading Company)
One of many story book banners we made from the pages of a Cinderella book.
Simple pink and white roses lined all tables and this gold wire carriage, painted gold held the most beautiful arrangement that we put in the vase made from a foam gold painted pumpkin.  
Photo backdrop - painted canvas on a stand made from PVC pipes. So simple and so fun for all guests to take a picture as a keepsake from the party.
Cinderella even joined us for story time, face painting and fun.
The Birthday Girl! Love our little princess!
Here is a list of resources for different vendors used for this party:
1. Photographer - Jenner Rose Photography
2. Cake - Great Dane Bakery
3. Party Favors (wands, swords, crowns, candy bracelets) - Oriental Trading Company
4. Chocolates (suckers, chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate covered pretzels) - Bubba's Sweets
5. Birthday Girl Tutu & Shirt - Tickle Pants
6. Balloons and Straws - Petite Party Studio
7. Prince Favor Boxes - Paper Art by MC
8. Tissue Paper - Hope Décor
9. Chevron Paper Table Runner - The Paper Source
10. Gift Tags, Invitations, Food Tent Cards - Paper Zoo Printables

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fairy Garden Fun

Are you looking for a fun weekend project? How about making a Fairy Garden?!?

A few weeks ago my daughter S discovered Fairy Gardens. We were visiting my Aunt who had several Fairy Gardens in her backyard, and needless to say she LOVED THEM!

So the following weekend I decided to turn one of my pots into her very own Fairy Garden. We started with visiting our local nursery who had shelves of Fairy Garden decor. S picked out her favorite fairy, Sleeping Baby, and I picked out mine, now known as Fairy. She also picked out a turtle, Belle, and a horse, with no name yet. I added a few other small items like the arbor, the bridge and the hanging basket. We also picked out some small plants to cover the ground, since Fairies don't walk on dirt.

We then visited our local craft store to buy some blue glass beads for the water and also found a few other touches like the flower stepping stones, the butterflies and the blue pot.

We went home and started putting the garden together and lastly, when S stepped away I sprinkled a little glitter over the garden and told her the Fairies must have done that...her face lit up!

S had such a fun time and now every day she checks on her pot and makes sure its watered and taken care of.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Storybook fun

So I've started on my daughters 3rd Birthday and, YES I'm early, but there is so much to be done!

The theme this year is Cinderella...there was no way around it, she's obsessed with Lala. And for an added touch of fun and surprising details we will have a "Before the Ball' table as well as a 'Princess' table.

I thought it would be fun to do something with the storybook here is what I came up with.

1. Storybook - I bought the newer Golden Book version on Amazon for only a few dollars each copy
2. Card stock - the background of the pages
3. Tulle - to tie little knots in between each page of the story
4. Cording/Jute - to string your banner
5. Glue Dots - to adhere the storybook pages to the backing
6. Hole Punch - to punch 2 holes at the top to string together

 This banner has a burlap paper background that will be used on the 'Before the Ball' table, leaving the gold and glitter for the 'Princess' table.

These banners can be done with ANY storybook your child loves. You could also use them to hang in a child's room or a playroom. The ideas are endless... I know we plan on making another one with an old Frosty the Snowman book found at a garage sale to string on our Christmas Tree this year!
What stories will you make a banner of?


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes...

I am so excited to share the amazing baby shower we threw for a dear friend of mine!

Mommy-to-be is waiting to find out if she's having a Boy or Girl, so our challenge of not using Blue and Pink was so much fun to conquer. Instead of the typical gender neutral; green, yellow, brown, grey etc. I decided to go with the colors Mommy-to-be is decorating the room in. One, it made it a little more personal,  and two it allowed me to make things that mommy can use in the baby's room.

So the colors are: Navy Blue, Coral, Light Blue and Grey.

As the guests arrived they were greeted with a coral painted beach cruiser. The front basket was full of beautiful white hydrangeas and the back crate was lined with burlap and filled with bundles of diapers and wipes. An adorable tissue paper garland tied a 36" white balloon to the back leading guests to the party.

We aren't game people and don't always enjoy the baby shower games done at showers...but this one was a lot of fun! Leave out a basket of diapers and sharpies and have guests write funny messages for mom and dad to give them a laugh during those late night diaper changes. The messages that people came up with had us laughing so hard! 

The shower was outside on a beautiful Southern California April afternoon... and here are some pictures of the table, drink station, dessert table, chalkboard, décor and more...

Party Favors - filled with Bags of popcorn - Ready to Pop. Simple, easy and super cute wrapped up!

Desserts are always one of my favorite things to do at a party.  There are so many fun choices for cute desserts.

For the food we did a Brunch. Different egg bakes; Sausage and Cheddar, Ham and Swiss and Veggie with Gruyere cheese. We also had cups of fresh berries, a mixed green salad with pears and walnuts and some cute little muffins.  

It was a great shower for a great friend!
I wish her the best in her upcoming adventures of mommy-hood!

I can't wait to find out who is in there!

Below is a list of the amazing vendors I used for this party:
Photographer - Jenner Rose Photography
Fresh Flowers - Mina's Flower Design
Chocolates - Bubba's Sweets
Tissue Paper Garland - Project Paper
36" Balloon - Balloon and Paper
Favor Bags - Sweet Party Shop
Fruit Cups - The Party Fairy
Baby Makes Three Sign - Victoria Co.

Now, on to the next party...Enjoy!

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