Friday, June 6, 2014

Fairy Garden Fun

Are you looking for a fun weekend project? How about making a Fairy Garden?!?

A few weeks ago my daughter S discovered Fairy Gardens. We were visiting my Aunt who had several Fairy Gardens in her backyard, and needless to say she LOVED THEM!

So the following weekend I decided to turn one of my pots into her very own Fairy Garden. We started with visiting our local nursery who had shelves of Fairy Garden decor. S picked out her favorite fairy, Sleeping Baby, and I picked out mine, now known as Fairy. She also picked out a turtle, Belle, and a horse, with no name yet. I added a few other small items like the arbor, the bridge and the hanging basket. We also picked out some small plants to cover the ground, since Fairies don't walk on dirt.

We then visited our local craft store to buy some blue glass beads for the water and also found a few other touches like the flower stepping stones, the butterflies and the blue pot.

We went home and started putting the garden together and lastly, when S stepped away I sprinkled a little glitter over the garden and told her the Fairies must have done that...her face lit up!

S had such a fun time and now every day she checks on her pot and makes sure its watered and taken care of.


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