Friday, January 30, 2015

An Afternoon with Mom

Life these days is busy; weeks filled with work, school, basketball, wrestling, refinishing furniture, etc. It's often times hard to find a few hours for my mom and I to hang out, without Little S running around yelling, "NANA" every 2 seconds.

Over the holidays I came across this amazingly talented artist named Timree ( I fell in love with her work. She has a style that is so fun and bright. Honestly I want her to paint the whole inside of our new house (another post coming soon on the new house).

So part of what Timree does is painting classes. SO PERFECT for me and my mom, two artists at heart. So I signed us up for a class. It was a class titled Princess Couture. I was super excited to paint this picture for my daughters new room, and I thought my mom could paint this picture for her 2 other granddaughters A & I. Really it didn't matter what the picture was, it was a few hours on a Saturday morning that we could hang out, laugh and have a good time.

So here it goes. Timree shows you how to paint just like her, big chunky pops of color...and a carefree stroke of fun. You can all do this I promise, there was a 6 year old in the class who's painting turned out so amazing!

Step by step instructions by Timree to set up the outline of your painting. It's easy I promise!

Starting to fill in the colors and add details.

Of course you have to add a sparkle of glitter!

Me and Mom enjoying our time together!

The cutest artists studio ever!

Don't you just love it all!

L, Timree & Mama L/Nana

Not only does Timree do painting classes, she also has painting parties...can she get any better. A Party Planners dream! I can't wait for Little S to get a little older so I can plan a birthday party here for her and her friends. (Ok, I can wait, but just saying).

I hope you take a few minutes to check out her website -, she is so sweet and talented! We can't wait to take another class with her!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Our Sweet Goodbyes

At the end of 2014 we sold our tiny little Condo; 954SF is not enough space for 2 adults, 1 busy almost 3 year old and a dog! It was a great place to start our family, but if we ever want our family to grow we need a bigger place with more room for everyone and everything!

That being said, we had to say our sweet goodbyes to our first home. I bought this little place on my own and soon after closing escrow I met my husband-to-be. A few short years later it became our home together and the home we brought our baby S home to.

We have so many fond memories in this house. We sat on that patio every night swinging, watching the ducks frolic in the water, and searching for fish and turtles. Little S would say Hi and Bye to every neighbor walking across the bridge...and the second she heard her friends outside, off we went to ride scooters and bikes around the complex, or walk to the tot-lot to play on the slide. We met some amazing people living here, families who have become lifelong friends.

This 1977 condo needed lots of work when I purchased it, and over the years we poured our hearts and wallets into this place. Flooring, bathrooms, kitchen, paint, lighting and all. Here are a few pictures of our cute little place, courtesy of our agent Joe Biswas with Keller Williams.

The downstairs patio was our second family room!

This was our dining room, which at one point was a playroom/area.

Small but spacious, of that's even possible.
The buffet on the right will re-appear in a later post. It's getting a face-lift.
These 4 dining room chairs will also be getting a face-lift soon.
Master Bedroom
S's room which was always so peaceful.

Upstairs bathroom.

Downstairs Bathroom.

The cabinets used to be a plain Oak color, redone in the 80's. After lots of thought and testing I went for bold and painted the top cabinets in this lovely green (not as bright in person), and the bottom cabinets got a lovely cappuccino brown update.


2015 will be a new adventure with the purchase of our new home! Time for a fresh start.

Lots to come this year and I'm so excited to share this journey! Happy New Year!


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