Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

**I forgot to post this and a lot has happened since I wrote this a few weeks ago, but enjoy it anyways and there will be a BIG UPDATE soon!**

So I thought the process was long when I posted about the long process 3 months ago...and we're still a month away from being able to move in. But, with that being said, we're only 1 month away from being able to move in!

We finally have a walk through scheduled on June 18th and a closing date of June 25th. YAY! I mean - YAY!  When we started this whole process we thought we'd be out of a home for only a few months, well that few months turned into 4 months which turned into 8 months. The better part of a year will have been spent living out of 6 boxes, the 3 of us (me, hubby and Little S) sleeping in one room, eating out for almost every breakfast, lunch and dinner, and invading on my Aunt and Uncle and now my parents. Yes, I am happy to say that my family still loves us and doesn't want to get rid of us. But we are so excited to be getting our own space, our own TV, our own DVR, kitchen, bathrooms, washer and get it. Our space back and our life back!

Honestly, we can't thank my family enough for what they have done for us. My Mom has cooked for us many nights (more than normal) through out this process. So maybe not Every meal was eaten out, but a lot. And my mom has helped me with laundry since we didn't want to take up my aunt and uncles while we were living there. My aunt and uncle have been AMAZING! We had so much fun living with them. Up late talking to my uncle about politics and sports, Little S wondering where Aunt Maggie was at all times, and Little S following her big cousin Dakota around whenever she came over! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - I could go on, but I'll stop.

Now on to the fun update on the house.

First here is a fun timeline from the start of framing in early March to this past weekend. It's looking like a real house these days!

Now on to the inside. I'll include just a few progress photos and try to get to the exciting part, the current status!

Family Room
Master Bathroom

Dining Room, Kitchen, Family Room
Kitchen (with appliances)
Kids Bathroom
Part of the backyard

Future site of my garden


We are so excited to get this whole process over with!!!!

Hopefully the next post is of the inside with some furniture in it!!!







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