Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Toy Cart Fit for a Rustic Princess

Ok, so my princess really isn't rustic...but I like furniture pieces with a story and a bit of old world rustic charm.

That being said, we had an old plain Ikea storage cabinet that was black and boring. We bought it for our old house, where our dining room turned play room was overflowing with toys. We needed something that would fit the space, was inexpensive and would hold a lot of toys.

Now that we were moving into our new place we wanted to update this cabinet. It really is a good piece for holding lots of books, puzzles, dolls etc. it just didn't fit the look I was going for in our new playroom/loft. So after doing some research and planning things out, here is what we did.

First we went to True American Grain in Laguna Niguel, CA to see about getting some old barn wood. And WOW were we surprised! This place is amazing. Clean, organized and you can see exactly where your wood came from. Pictures lined the aisles of wood showing you what the barn looked like and when it was built. So much history was stacked in their shop.

My husband and I fell in love with the wood they had. So we asked them for help on measuring out how much wood we would need to cover our cabinet. They plugged in the dimensions and calculated exactly what was needed. I asked him for more grey toned wood and that was exactly what he gave us, with some variations in color too.

This was the start of our project. We took the cabinet to my dad's workshop so we had all the tools, saw, glue and expertise from my dad on hand.

Next we started to cut, glue and nail the wood in place. There was no specific pattern we just started cutting and lining up the pieces the best we could and securing them with wood glue, pin nails and clamps to keep them from moving.

We kept going until the 3 exterior sides were covered (top, right side and left side). We didn't cover the bottom at all, we didn't want it to snag our new carpet.


Instead of putting the piece directly on the carpet we opted to put it up on caster wheels.  We found these wheels at our local hardware store and screwed them in to the bottom.

Lastly we put 2 coats of a matte finish polyurethane on for protection. We didn't want rough wood exposed since this was for a kids toy cabinet. The polyurethane went on super easy dried quickly and gave the piece a great finishing look.

It's final resting place in our loft/playroom, full of buckets of toys! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Our New Digs

We've now been in our new place about 7 months and we are loving the space! I've had so much fun decorating and making this place our own.

We still have lots to do and tons of boxes to go through, but we are finally moved in. It was a very long process with delays in the building process and living out of boxes with family, but it was well worth the wait!

Here are a few pics of our new place.

The front porch is one of my favorite spots! With about a dozen kids living in our new cul-de-sac, we are out here every night watching the kids ride bikes, chase bunnies and have a great time making memories together. Chairs from Cost plus, Pillows from Costco, Rug Runner from Target, K from Home Goods.
Entry table. This is one of my old pieces that I re-painted. A little chalk paint goes a long ways! Mirror from Home Goods, re-painted in the perfect gold, Bird Cage was an old Home Goods find re-painted in a bright teal, Pictures and accessories some made some from Hobby Lobby. 

Love this spot too! Chandelier from Bellacor, Table and chairs from Mission Furniture at the OC Swap Meet.

So cozy and welcoming! Couch from  at the OC Swap Meet, Table is another existing piece re-painted with chalk paint, Rug from Living Spaces, K artwork made from old barn wood, Canvas photos from our family pictures ordered from Costco, Curtains from West Elm.

Our beautiful guest room for anyone who wants to visit. Bed from Living Spaces, Bedding from Home Goods, Welcome Sign from Hobby Lobby, Lamps from Home Goods, Pillow from Home Goods.

I LOVE our Master Bedroom! Bed from at OC Swap Meet, Bedding from Anthropologie, Lamps and Shades from Home Goods, Side Tables from Living Spaces, Curtains from Pottery Barn Kids, Mr. & Mrs. Sign from a local antique mart.
Loft/Play Room all with old pieces just brightened up with a few new pillows from Hobby Lobby.
The one newer piece we created was the toy cabinet. This was an old Ikea cabinet that we covered in old barn wood and put on caster wheels to give it some new life and a better look. (Hoping to put together a post on this piece at some point.)

Savannah's Room - my favorite room in the house! Fit for a princess it's perfect for her. Bed from Land of Nod, Bedding from Target, Pillows from Hobby Lobby and Timree, Gold poof from Land of Nod, Gold Cloud Decals from Etsy.

Bow Pillow from Timree, S from Restoration Hardware Outlet, Prayer Sign from Hobby Lobby.

This little dress up closet was made by Savannah's Nana and it's full of dresses, purses, shoes and all things dress up! Pictures on the wall are from all over, some painted by me, some made with Savannah's help and others found at local stores. The gold dress form was left over from Savannah's 3rd Birthday Cinderella party and fit perfect in her room.

Reading chair made by Nada, book cart from Ikea and artwork from Home Goods.

Savannah's Bathroom. Towels from Target, Curtain from Land of Nod, Artwork from Timree and Hobby Lobby.

I still have lots to do but so far it has been so much fun getting it to this point! We love our new place and can't wait for family and friends to come visit and stay!
Next up I'll show you the yard/garden.

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