Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Fun & Funky Entry

Hi again. This past weekend was finally a not-so-busy one. Well that is how it started off. My husband went to clean out the garage, but when I went to "help" I ended up finding things in the garage that we could hang in the house. Well one thing led to another and we were knee deep in a project that took a few days to complete.

I've wanted to put up something in our front hallway to hide the little hand prints that are all over our wall! I've tried washing the wall, painting over them, etc. nothing seemed to make them go away. So I figured I'd do some wood detail that would hide all the prints. As much as I love my daughters little hand prints, I prefer them in paint on paper or in some sort of craft form, not all over my walls.

We had some wood left over from our strip project from a few weeks back. So we found good use for it. We did have to go buy one more piece of wood to finish, but that was a quick and easy trip to the hardware store. We did 3 strips of 12" wood flooring underlayment. We had them cut at the hardware store, which made things much easier for us.

First I stained the wood pieces in a Dark Walnut, once dry we started with the lower stripe, hanging it just above the base boards. Instead of using a nail gun we hammered in dark nails, they are unable to be seen and didn't leave a hold that needed to be puttied and painted.

We did leave a small gap between the wood strips, but continued up. Once done hanging the wood, we went back for white trim pieces to frame the wood. It made for a much more finished look.

We also added an old gate above it, this was given to us from my parents house. They recently purchased an older house that needs a lot of renovations and as they have gone through the house they have offered my old windows, gates, rusty metal pieces etc. Fun antique items that I can re-invent.

I do have a few small things I want to do, like add a tassel garland to the gate with the Welcome Sign, but I'll have to finish making it first.


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