Friday, December 2, 2016

Garden Tub

This has been my favorite garden project by far! I had always wanted an old claw foot tub to plant, but they are so expensive, even when they are old and rusty! My friend found this one on a Facebook exchange page and it was only $30 but we had to pick it up...I sent my brother and my husband to pick it up and bring it home, these things are big and heavy!

Once in the yard I found it's forever home and headed to the hardware store for paint. My daughter picked out the color, and as you know, I love pink so I wasn't upset with her choice at all! We also selected a gold for the feet.
The first step was to clean the tub. Since I was going to keep it outside I wasn't set on getting it super clean or removing all of the rust. I think the rust adds a little more character to it anyways.
After cleaning I put a good coat of Kilz on the underside. I wanted to help the paint go on evenly and keep the rust from coming through. 

 After the Kilz was on and dry I started with the pink. It took a few coats to get it good and covered all the way, but it is so cute bright pink!


After it was all planted it was time for planting. We headed to the nursery to pick out the perfect plants! Some Mother-in-Laws tongues, some draping succulents and some lavender to fill in.



I love unconventional items planted in a garden...what are you going to plant?


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